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"I have been trying" "to find" "a form the tyrant" "doesn’t own—" #AliceNotley #TheDescentofAlette #feminism #otherness

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Claudia Rankine. Stolen from amaalsdrifting ‘s IG.


Claudia Rankine. Stolen from amaalsdrifting ‘s IG.

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When you ask on the blog “Why don’t Black and Latino people ever march for anyone but themselves?” you are silently asking “Where are the white people protesting their own abuses by the hands of the city, state, and nation?” You never think to ask white people this question. You never think of white people as a race and how white silence, its self-appointed default setting, has everything to do with race. And just when you are about to ask why “white” is not capitalized in this piece but “Black” is, the prior sentence hits you. Or it doesn’t.

—Phillip B. Williams


Anonymous said: What is new black? What is old black?




According to rich anti-Black findings of your favorite colorblind musician & his large ass hat Pharrell:

New Black (noun): Black people who don’t believe racism exists.  These individuals tend to be colorblind & don’t blame other races for the plight of Black people & accept general forms of internalized White supremacy. These individuals can be usually be found somewhere not holding white supremacy responsible for their problems & throwing the rest of the Black community under a bus.

Examples of “new Black”:

  • "I’m not African American, I’m American."
  • "If we want the cops to stop killing us we need to address Black on Black crime."
  • "Black people are like crabs in a barrel pulling each other down."
  • "Black people can be racist too."
  • "Black kids don’t want to learn."

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Old Black, Field n*gga, Revolutionary, Too Black, A Black person with some damn sense, Generally all Black people who have no money & get shot at everyday, Black people who aren’t sipping on White supremacist kool aid, Black people who shade white people for their racist ass shit

Origins: Pharrell said this ignorant ass ahistorical ass apolitical ass shit in an interview with Oprah.

Why isn’t Stacey Dash the skull in front.

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